Wednesday, February 28

Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran…? Let Criminalize War

We can possibly list down all kind of excuses, but we seriously won’t know what in George Bush’s mind. Nobody can tell what actually the real reason he send hundreds thousand of military personnel to Iraq, successfully end Saddam’s regime and his life. Despite the success, nobody knows why after few years there are still US solder walking around Iraqi soil.

The only explanation that in everyone guess list is Iraq now will be US hub for military base. Almost with the same reason they invade Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush now switch his attention to another member of so called "axis of evil", Iran. US accuse them sponsoring terrorist, in other words another bad guy in film directed by Bush. Of cause as Hero in this super-high-budget sponsored by US citizen film Bush will try anything within his power to create the best happy ending for everyone himself.

The fact is there is no logic explanation or legal foundation for Iraq invasion. And history will repeat itself within few months went US attack Iran. As usual Washington diplomatically offends Tehran by linking Tehran with terrorist movement and developing nuclear weapon illegally. But yet, Bush administrator failed to provide convincing evident to support their accusation. Currently everyone aware that anything Bush has in mind will become really one way or another. No wonder comically politician around the world believe the newly appointed UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon put himself in ‘Mission Impossible’ to make world a better place to live, like we have another option. Live in Mars anyone?

One thing for sure, even Bush own troops believe it’s a battle already won and they should leave now.

"Majority of 72% of American troops serving in Iraq think the U.S. should exit the country within the next year, and more than one in four say the troops should leave immediately” – survey by Le Moyne College/Zogby International

After saw 3155 of their friend die and more than 20,000 wounded or missing maybe US army believe they had enough taste of gulf war.

List of all the death in Iraq confirmed by US Department of Defenses: here.

Interesting finding from that survey,

  1. 93% said that removing weapons of mass destruction is not a reason for U.S. troops being there
  2. In the minds of 68% of the troops, the real mission became to remove Saddam Hussein
  3. Just 24% said that “establishing a democracy that can be a model for the Arab World" was the main or a major reason for the war
  4. 11% see the mission there as securing oil supplies

Funny to think about it, even US soldier have no idea what the hell they doing there.

So, who actually won the battle?

How justice can be done?

As stated by Dr. Mahathir recently:

"War should be made a crime…Those who actively promote war should be punished as criminals." - GlobalResearch

"We cannot arrest them, we cannot detain them, and we cannot hang them the way they hanged Saddam Hussein but we can label them as war criminals...that's how history will seem them," ChannelNewsAsia

Tuesday, February 27

Bomoh – Cons Artist

“KUALA TERENGGANU: Police were investigating a bomoh, who is also a civil servant, after a clerk reported that he had tricked and molested her - TheStar

Sometimes it seems like the world is full of people constantly trying to get their hands on your money (or on above case, her body). But there are a few things to remember that will help make you resistant to most cons:

  • You never get something for nothing.

There's an old saying: "You can't cheat an honest man." Most cons rely on the victim's own greed. Con artists know that people often throw caution to the wind when they start seeing dollar signs. Deals that sound too good to be true usually are.

  • Guard your personal information.

Especially guard your Identity card number, credit card numbers and bank account numbers. We have to use these numbers in many of our daily transactions, but if you are asked for any of this information, be absolutely sure that the person doing the asking is someone you can trust or works for a reputable company.

  • Don't accept solicitations.

Whether you get a cold call for an investment opportunity or someone comes to your door offering to do home repairs, hang up the phone and close the door. While there may be legitimate businesses that go door-to-door or make cold calls to find customers, they are few and far between.

  • Watch for signs.

Con artists often give themselves away if you ask enough questions. Ask for some kind of written documentation of their offer. Check for a real address, not a P.O. Box. Ask to see a driver's license, and write down the information on it. Write down license plate numbers, and make sure the con artist sees you doing it. If it's a legitimate offer, he won't mind. Tell him you need to think the deal over for at least a few days before making a decision. A con artist will often pressure you to make a decision on the spot -- often using hard sell tactics, such as saying that the deal won't last. They may get nervous when you ask for something in writing, and will usually refuse to provide it. When someone wants your money, if the offer is legitimate, it will still be around next week.

- di olah from HowStuffWorks

Please read the entire article to make ourselves familiar with all kind of cons artist.

Monday, February 26

Wong Cun Wai...Manusia Kurang Ajar

I rarely post a link to any personal website without permission or at least letting the owner know about it. Not often I beg for anyone to open any link that I show here. But for this issue I really hope friends here will click and read the entire article. This two comments are from Wong Chun Wai at his personal website/blog, Both articles also appear at The Star newspaper yesterday and last week.

Again, I beg you to read these entries at his blog:

The Joke Now on Malaysia

Still Not Sporting

Roslan sms telah dua kali memberi pandangan beliau terhadap tulisan Wong Chun Wai ini. Sila baca tulisan menarik beliau di sini.

I can’t understand how on earth a non-muslim guy like him brave enough to comment related to Islam and ulama kita. Dengan penuh kurang ajarnya dia mengutuk Datuk Abu Hassan Din Al Hafiz, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz dan secara sinisnya agama kita sendiri (pakai tudung dan layanan terhadap wanita). Aku tidak mahu copy and paste tulisan beliau disini kerana aku harap rakan-rakan boleh membaca keseluruhan article beliau dan membuat kesimpulan yang seadil-adilnya.

Wong Chun Wai bukanlah seorang mystery blogger yang berselindung dibawah nama pena yang pelik-pelik dan menulis dari meja rumah beliau yang ntah dimana.

“Wong Chun Wai is the
Deputy Group Chief Editor for the influential Star Publications, based in the headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Selangor” – from his website.

I crack my brain out to understand why there are nobody from mainstream media condemns his writing? Kemana perginya ulama-ulama jaguh UMNO? Barisan pemuda-pemuda gagah UMNO?


Perlembagaan UMNO


3.3 Menegak, mempertahan dan mengembangkan Islam, agama rasmi negara serta menghormati prinsip kebangsaan beragama.


- Copy and paste dari Pemuda UMNO Malaysia

Just because Wong kutuk pemimpin pembangkang, mengutuk usaha PAS untuk memartabatkan Islam, mempersendakan Nik Aziz dan bukannya ulama UMNO.. ini membuatkan Wong terlepas dari radar kerajaan kita? Bodoh.. betul-betul bodoh.

Aku benar-benar berharap ada diantara rakan disini yang boleh membawa ke pengetahuan pejuang-pejuang agama Islam didalam kerajaan dan UMNO. Mungkin mereka sibuk dengan urusan lain sehingga terlepas pandang penghinaan Wong ini, dua kali...!

Maybe people said, we should look his article from different angle. We should hakimi beliau dahulu sebelum menghukum. Pada aku pula lebih mudah, dia kutuk ulama yang aku hormat, dia hina undang-undang Islam yang aku junjung, nothing positive boleh di ambil dari tulisan beliau tidak kira dilihat dari sudut mana sekalipun. Mungkin aku seorang Islam ortodoks atau simply overreacted. But the facts he dare to write and publish secara terang-terangan sebegitu di dalam negara Islam, aku pasti dia adalah seorang manusia yang cukup kurang ajar.

Ini juga membuatkan pemimpin Islam didalam kerajaan kita bodoh.....dan lemah. Secara keseluruhannya pula, ini menunjukan kita termasuk aku juga lemah kerana the reality is nothing we can do to punish him.

Saturday, February 24

Blogger Power: Safeguard the Web for Children

When I was a litte boy kalau malas nak main guli, baling tin atau galah panjang, I used to ride my bicycle 5 km just to play video game at games arcade di Complex Aik Aik, Teluk Intan. Maybe zaman tu dah ada Nintendo, Gameboy or PlayStation but simply belum sampai kampong aku lagi.

But now, with computer and internet it just a finger tip away. Site likes, dah banyak lagi membenarkan kita main game percuma di site mereka atau kita boleh download dan main offline. What else teenagers love beside games?... tak perlu jadi rocket scientist pun kita boleh agak, SEX…! To be honest, dulu pun aku ‘cari’ bahan macam ni jugak. Tentunya difficult, since option yang ada quite limited. Printed material (buku or majalah) and video. Tapi sekarang, sama juga macam pc games, pornography material cukup mudah untuk diperolehi oleh sesiapa sahaja.

Beside commercial site yang need us to pay some amount of money to download or view their
‘priceless’ contents, there are also few individual or small company yang berikan percuma. Of cause their intention are just to gain traffic to their site and hope to generate money through advertisement (AdSense, Adbrite, etc.) Everybody knows the easiest way to attract attention adalah melalui bahan-bahan lucah sebegini, as popularly known ‘Sex Sell’. Although Pay-Per-Click (PPC) company try to do their part by prohibit any of their advert displayed on pornography site, but beauty of human mind always find a way to bend the rules on their favor. One famous tactic are using this sex related site untuk link kepada their ‘clean and income generator site’. Got it? Let say I build ‘’ then dalam site tu aku isikan dengan gambar lucah, clip video, cerita dan macam-macam lagi. Believe me, buta I.T macam aku pun boleh buat site macam tu within 1 hour. Few promotion campaigns, I bet my new site will get around few hundreds or even thousands of visitors per day. So, somewhere inside that site I put a link, or lagi cantik kalau aku buat new site yang lebih menjurus kepada kehendak remaja, such as or Dalam dua site ni aku letak ‘clean’ content pasal video games and display few PPC advert. Maintain these 3 websites and build a few more clusters, I have in my hand a good income generator sites and can call myself a ‘Internet Entrepreneur’…Hahahaha, hakikatnya aku cuma menambah jumlah manusia keji atas muka bumi.

As a responsible adult, I hope kita semua boleh tolong monitor perangai adik-adik or anak-anak kita. Just check out apa mereka ‘cari’ dan ‘jumpa’ online. Dan pastinya we ourselves should try avoids visit unhealthy site since every single of my visit we increasing the traffic and sort like supporting them virtually.

As a blogger aku percaya we cannot stop pornography. The industry just too powerful for us, it is one of the most rich industry in the world. Tapi aku percaya, we can show civic consciousness and try our best to slow down their progress.

Here one way to do it: Blogger Power (

Blogger Power initiate by Jon Harmon and Mihaela Lica to make Internet a safer place for young kids. The idea was to have no free adult materials anywhere, they hope all pornography site will required password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. They want blogger all over the world to participate by post the logo and write about this issue, then submit the URL to them. So, they will compile everything and show to offline media that blogger against this so called ‘free pornography’ for kids. I hope all my friends here will give them a support. Optimistically this will create awareness among politicians around the world how serious our children being effected by this disease.

Friday, February 23

Freedom of Expression - Abdel Kareem Nabil

Notice: Quite a Long Entry…(aku tengah geram)

Everywhere (at least in so called blogging world) we hear phrase ‘Freedom of Speech’. Since Rocky Bru and Jeff Ooi kena saman dengan NST, blogger around Malaysia semakin semangat menuntut kebebasan bersuara. Even Prime Minister, Pak Lah gave he comments regarding this issue. Interesting….

I want to ask all blogger (expecially Muslim blogger) and my friend here to read about this young man story…. Abdel Kareem Nabil

“An Egyptian blogger was convicted Thursday and sentenced to four years in prison for insulting Islam and Egypt's president…” - WashingtonPost

Nabil, a 22-year-old former student at Egypt's Al-Azhar University, has often denounced Islamic authorities and criticised Mubarak on his Arabic-language blog.”- Al Jazeera

“An Egyptian blogger was convicted Thursday and sentenced to four years in prison for insulting Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and Egypt's president…..” - AP

As usual, I don’t think anybody going to click the link. So, here the synopsis:

Nabil owned Arab language blog that the main content are about Al-Azhar University and Islam as whole. He often lashed out at Al-Azhar calling it "the University of Terrorism" and accusing it of encouraging extremism. In other words, dia adalah US minded Arab young man. Berselindung dibawah perkataan ‘freedom of expression’ dia kutuk Islam dan University Al-Azhar. He used to study in law at Al-Azhar University and university management kicked him out last March after realize how vocal he is with his blog. After expelled from Al-Azhar dia jadi semakin ganas, sehingga mengutuk Islam, Nabi Muhammad and tentunya Al-Azhar. So he leave Egypt government no choice other than take him to justice. So, as normal as it sound, western media love this story. Its triggers a shock wave all around blogging world. His face all over the places, even ada website dedicated to him ‘’. Amnesty International also interested to help the movement to release him.

Egypt memang ada menahan beberapa blogger tahun lepas, most of them for connections to Egypt's pro-democracy reform movement. Majority blogger tu mengutuk kepimpinan Hosni Mubarak, totally different case compare dengan Nabil.

(Please consider to read the articles yourself, since I believe I’m not the best translator ever)

For me, everything has a limit. There is no total freedom. Yes, we can express our feeling, it is our right to give any kind of opinion. I don’t know how to explain this to non muslin, but for me anybody who kutuk Islam or insult Nabi Muhammad, I personally consider to kill him myself.

Something that struck me deep in my heart:

Despite the trial, Kareem has been selected as a nominee for one of the 7th Annual Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards.

Can’t believe it, he got an award for insulting Islam and Nabi Mohammad? I can’t found any parties that condemn what Nabil did, everybody sound agree with his unethical behavior. Where the hell all Islam activist? What Islam organization going to do about it?

But also reach to my knowledge, Nabil not 100% insult Islam and Nabi Muhammad, some of his article are about gender discrimination, Mubarak’s ‘dictatorship’ ruling and some other ‘good’ thing. But, mungkin kerana terlalu asyik, sometimes dia terbawa-bawa sehingga mengutuk Islam dan junjungan besar nabi kita.

Antara petikan dari Blog Nabil:

“…Muslims revealed their true ugly face and appeared to all the world that they are full of brutality, barbarism and inhumanity…" - His comments regarding riot all around the world resulting from comical picture of Prophet Muhammad.

“In a later essay not cited by the court, Nabil clarified his comments, saying Muhammad was "great" but that his teachings on warfare and other issues should be viewed as a product of their times..” - WashingtonPost

“He called Al-Azhar the ‘other face of the coin of al-Qaida’ and called for the university to be dissolved or turned into a secular institution….” - WashingtonPost

Dia kutuk umat Islam, Nabi Muhammad and University Al-Azhar….. And people turn him into ‘Freedom of Speech’ hero….and nothing we can do about it..

Dia bodoh..? mereka bodoh..? or kita yang bodoh..?!

Update: Thanks to Bro Roslan SMS, sebab memanjangkan isu ini kat blog beliau.

Till Death Do Us Apart…

Are these coincidences? Or we can find explanation for it.
  1. I never knew the feeling to have a grandfather. Both of my atuk die long before I was born.
  2. My father meninggal 5 years ago, leaving my mother with us.
  3. My sister’s children will also experience same thing, since both of their grandfather dah meninggal dunia.
  4. Anak-anak abang aku pun tidak akan merasa kasih sayang seorang atuk, sebab my sister in law’s dad also past away masa dia kecil lagi.
  5. My girlfriend also anak yatim, her mum strong enough rising a family after her father meninggal dunia.

In shorts, both of my grandfather, my dad, my brother in law’s father, my sister in law’s father and my girlfriend’s father meninggal dunia before their wives.

I hope to find studies related to this issue, but sadly I can’t. Puas aku cari, tapi tidak jumpa. Tekanan? beban kerja? Anger management? Pemakanan? Hormon? atau sememangnya tidak berlaku pun senario sebegini secara menyeluruh? Maksud aku, adakah cuma disekeliling aku sahaja yang suami meninggal dahulu sebelum isteri?

But, at my kampong there are a lot of widow compare to duda. I hate to write any of my sting opinion since it is quite a sensitive issue, lebih-lebih lagi melibatkan orang yang dah meninggal and including my own father. But, I hope kepada rakan-rakan aku yang dah berkahwin, please take good care of your and your spouse health. Dibesarkan tanpa ibu atau ayah is not the best thing to happen to any child.

One thing I noticed, janda yang suami mereka meninggal dunia jarang mencari pengganti, compare to duda yang selalunya akan berjaya cari new love. Maybe that’s why aku nampak macam banyak single mum compare to single dad. Maksudnya ramai wanita dalam masyarakat kita ni macam penguin, wah…sooo.. cute.

P/S: Kalau ikutkan tradisi, abang aku, abang ipar aku, dan aku sendiri akan mati dulu lah. Errmm… insurance apa patut aku beli?

Thursday, February 22

Entertaining Stuff - Chris Sligh & Craig Bellamy

Imagine a guy with Jack Black personality but have a wonderful voice of Josh Groban (maybe not that good, yet). Locally, just like Harith Iskandar with Anuar Zain vocal quality. Cool right? Sound like too good to be true?

Enter Chris Sligh. He is very funny young man but indeed extremely talented dalam bidang nyanyian. Yesterday I bumped into one website and happen to watch his American Idol audition. Memang betul-betul lucu, with serious face he said he believe he look likes Cristina Aguilera, and the main objective he try his luck dalam American Idol is to make David Hasselhoff (Baywatch) cry one more time. Since last season, camera caught Hesselhoff menangis masa concert final. Isn’t that cool? Luckily, last night I watched his performance, not just Paula and Randy love his superb singing ability and powerful voice but he also managed to insult Simon Cowell with Teletubbies joke…Hahahaha. Ryan Seacrest betul-betul suka tengok contestant kenakan Simon. To be honest, semua orang suka, kan.

To share with my entire friend here, I placed clip from his audition. I never put on YouTube or any other video dalam Aku Betul...! I proudly break the inclination for Chris Sligh, truly.. The next American Idol.

Cute kan dia? hahahaha....Memang menghiburkan...Talking about entertaining, watching Steven Gerrard and friends beat Ronaldinho's ass memang best pagi tadi. The fact that Benitez masukkan Riise and Bellamy walaupun mereka bergaduh di padang latihan truly show how professional Liverpool as football club compare to Rijkaard yang still tidak mahu guna Semuel Eto’o selepas comment panas beliau.

News from Soccernet:

Bad Boys On Target

“It Was Our Destiny” – Bellamy and Riise

Wednesday, February 21

Suami Gatal, Isteri Gila, Anak Mati…

Ramai blogger cover berita sedih ini, aku pun terpanggil juga. While the whole nation dalam festive mood, one shock news menjadi perbualan hangat semasa kita meneruskan amalan makan free (open house). No, I’m not talking about harga minyak naik or cerita pengganas bom beberapa tempat di luar negara. I’m referring to tragic death of 2 brothers di tangan ibu mereka sendiri as stated dalam semua surat khabar. (mahkamah still not found her guilty so we can’t simply said that actually)

Syak Suami Curang: Ibu Dipercayai Bunuh Dua Anaknya - Utusan

Couple Remanded Over Death of Brothers - TheStar

Batu Maung, Penang. Kerana geramkan bapa, dipercayai ibu kepada kanak-kanak malang itu menjerut leher kedua-dua anaknya dengan power cable seterika. The only explanation, jika benar ibu mereka melakukannya adalah perempuan tu hilang ingatan, gila, insane or any other words you can find to describe mental illness. No way ibu yang waras akan membunuh anaknya sendiri kerana geramkan suami. If she really ready to commit homicide she should stab her own husband yang gatal-gatal nak kahwin lain.

I think a lot of people should look at this story and learn something from it.

Lesson number one, if any of us saw our neighbor, friends or sibling macam dah gila or hampir gila, pergi lah jaga tepi kain dia. I mean, just give your hand to let he/she know there are people care about them. Kena maki or kena marah sebab menyibuk terlalu sedikit bayarannya berbanding tragedy yang boleh berlaku nanti.

Lesson number two, do not love any human being too much that will make us lost our mind kalau dia curang, mati or tidak suka kita lagi. Remember the ultimate love only for God, since Dia tidak mungkin memperdaya kita walau apapun berlaku.

Aku malas nak sentuh pengajaran kepada suami or isteri, since aku sendiri belum kahwin. But I believe for men terutamanya, if you failed to convince your wife to let you have another marriage, that the first prove that you are a lousy husband. Got it? Seorang isteri pun kau dah gagal nak didik, what make you thinks you can handle two? Stupid…! Kepada isteri pula, jika suami nak kahwin lain, if he really mampu, benarkan je lah. Have to admit it, ianya sunnah Rasul and insyaAllah pahala menanti. But, Istilah mampu, sebenarnya quite complicated, right? Aku rasa wife should have a 3rd party opinion on this. Ustaz/ustazah or simply jabatan agama Islam. Let them decide samaada your husband ‘mampu’ or not.

P/S: Story like this yang membuatkan aku takut nak kahwin…hahahaha.

Tuesday, February 20

Pilihanraya Umum Semakin Hampir?

Notice: Quite a long entry, holiday mood.

Kepada rakan-rakan yang tidak minat aku jadikan Aku Betul…! Berbaur politik, sorry la, aku pun bukan suka sangat cerita politik, so I will try to minimize entry berkaitan politik. Cuma suddenly politik dah jadi isu semasa so, aku just join the boat.

Ramai percaya Pak Lah akan bubar parlimen tahun ini dan tidak akan menunggu 2009. Aku juga setuju dengan pendapat sebegitu kerana:

  1. Melalui semua saluran media milik kerajaan, kita boleh dengar cerita betapa ekonomi kita bertambah baik KONONNYA.
  2. Beberapa segment complaint dikurangkan dalam berita.
  3. Anwar Ibrahim makes a move dengan bergiat cergas dalam PKR, pastinya dia mempunyai rakan yang memberitahu beliau Pak Lah sudah hampir dalam ilham dalam kepala.
  4. Banjir besar yang melanda negara memberi platform untuk BN mendapat undi simpati, setelah mereka menghulurkan segala jenis bantuan kepada mangsa.
  5. Harga petroleum dunia semakin turun, ini memberi ruang untuk kerajaan menurunkan harga runcit petrol dan KONONNYA nasib rakyat terbela.

Let me try to list down all the issues that Opposition ada dalam pocket mereka sekarang:

  1. Toll naik, minyak naik, letrik naik…rakyat derita.
  2. Kapal layar, kapal terbang, mewahnya Pak Lah berbelanja.
  3. Khairy ‘nasihat’ Pak Lah dalam urusan ekonomi negara.
  4. Perjanjian konsesi toll…isu OSA, perlukah dirahsia?
  5. Rakyat berdemonstration, Polis diperkuda.
  6. Pejabat TPM terlibat dalam kes Atlantunya.
  7. Kita berlembut dengan Singapore, jambatan tidak jadi dibina.
  8. Mahathir sendiri tegur Pak Lah, nampak sangat ada yang tidak kena.

I don’t think there will be many changes after general election. For every general election, opposition parties manages to come out will all sort of issue and story to shoot BN. But at the end, BN yang akan dapat the last laugh selepas membaling beberapa butir ‘bom’.

For me, opposition parties should not concentrate too much on proofing how bad kerajaan Barisan Nasional. Instead, they should buktikan pada rakyat mereka mampu memimpin Malaysia lebih baik dari sekarang. Memang betul, used to be Mr. Clean now dah jadi Mr. Not-So-Clean, or worst ada yang cakap Mr.Clean dah jadi Mr. Bean. But, if orang lain berada diatas sana adakah dia akan kekal clean? Kalau PAS, PKR or DAP boleh yakinkan rakyat Malaysia they will not end up macam pemimpin-pemimpin BN, pastinya ramai generasi muda akan beralih angin. How to proof that? Kalau aku tahu, for sure aku dah masuk politik dan betanding dalam pilihanraya.

Cuma aku tahu apa yang mereka tidak patut buat untuk menipiskan keyakinan rakyat terhadap mereka. Mereka should not show how fragile they are. Just like Ezam yang melepaskan semua jawatan dalam PKR, Ezam sendiri menyatakan ada masalah dengan pucuk pimpinan parti. Just imagine, even nak uruskan satu parti politik kecil pun sudah bermasalah, how on earth they want to manage one whole nation or even one state? Untuk PAS pula, they should learn how to talk to media, sudah banyak kali beberapa isu mendapat komen yang berbeza dari beberapa pemimpin mereka. Kelantan juga kekal antara negeri termiskin di Malaysia walaupun menjadi syurga membeli belah dan antara destinasi pelancongan utama. Again, takut untuk aku membayangkan if mereka memimpin satu negara.

Aku juga harap Suruhajaya Pilihanraya Raya akan betul-betul menjadi badan berkecuali yang benar-benar bertanggungjawap memastikan pilihanraya berjalan adil-seadil, adilnya. Bukan menjadi lembu kepada kerajaan Barisan Nasional

Aku memang confius, takut and malas bila fikir pasal politik Malaysia. So, if there someone out there berperasaan seperti aku, my advice masa mengundi nanti, pilihlah berdasarkan peribadi calon dan bukannya parti. I believe Islam have a strict guideline how to choose leader between us. So, rajin-rajinkan mencari, dan ikutlah sebaik mungkin, remember what ever yang kita sokong, insyaAllah di akhirat nanti akan disoal.

So, after this aku akan slow sikit dalam menulis anything related to politic. I think I not qualified enough to give my opinion, just too weird, complex and scary.

Saturday, February 17

Woman Wants Beautiful Cloths and a Lot of Money?

Last few months I keep wondering What Woman What? Ada masanya mereka mahukan layanan istimewa dan ada harinya mereka menuntut keadilan, no gender discrimination. Conclusion aku, it is almost impossible to understand them just try our best and have fun along the process.

Aku juga pernah terfikir apa lebih penting Love & Money? Jika seseorag wanita jatuh cinta dengan seorang lelaki adakah mereka sanggup menerima lelaki tersebut jika mengetahui dia tidak berharta lansung? That entry dapat 7 comments dari rakan-rakan, so sememangnya ramai yang meminati topic cinta.

Recently I found interesting studies related to this issue.

“Tinjauan yang dibuat ke atas 1,000 wanita di 10 bandar raya utama di Amerika Syarikat mendapati wanita sedia melupakan seks selama 15 bulan untuk memperoleh almari yang dipenuhi baju baru dengan dua peratus daripada mereka sanggup bertahan sehingga tiga tahun.” - Berita Harian, 14/02/07

So, according to that study woman di USA prefer pakaian yang cantik berbanding didampingi oleh teman lelaki. Interesting….

Another study:

“Kajian Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) membabitkan 1,050 pelajar di tiga IPT, mendapati kira-kira 65 peratus responden berusia antara 21 hingga 28 tahun memilih lelaki kaya berusia 40 hingga 50 tahun.” Berita Harian, 16/02/07

Kajian ini pula membuktikan wanita memilih lelaki kaya berbanding cinta sejati seorang lelaki muda yang tidak berharta. Kajian bertajuk ‘Pemilihan Lelaki Berusia dan Berharta Sebagai Pasangan Hidup - Kenyataan atau Kebetulan’ itu, dijalankan pada Januari hingga Mac tahun lalu, membabitkan 350 pelajar wanita sebuah universiti swasta dan 700 pelajar di dua universiti awam, berusia antara 21 hingga 28 tahun.

Tentunya, 2 kajian diatas tidak merangkumi semua wanita dan tidak adil jika kita melabelkan kaum hawa keseluruhannya mahukan harta dan memilih duit berbanding cinta. I not a statistic expert, tapi yang pasti percentage for men to find young girl yang benar-benar cintakan dia dan menerima dirinya seadanya agak kecil.

Love is a very complex subject to discuss, aku sememangnya bukan pakar, so buatlah conclusion sendiri. But if any woman wonder what man wants, easy.... we want woman...!

I don’t think there are any Chinese reading my blog, but jika ada… Happy Prosperous New Year… and to the rest of us, enjoy our holiday…

Friday, February 16

Raja Azlan or Permaisuri Bainun?

Utusan Malaysia, Today:

Impian Nurul Atikah ke Sekolah Asrama Tercapai

Terima Kasih Semua Pihak Membantu - Atikah

Ada dua news related to Pelajar Orang Asli terbaik seluruh Malaysia dalam peperiksaan Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) 2006, Nurul Atikah Kamaruddin. Yesterday, ada berita pasal pelajar tu tak dapat tempat di sekolah asrama penuh bantuan kerajaan. And today news dia dapat offer dari dua sekolah, Sekolah Semengah Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah (SERATAS), Taiping and Sekolah Raja Permaisuri Bainun (SRPB), Ipoh.

Maybe aku silap, but both school under different management. I mean, SERATAS bawah kementerian pendidikan since it is a Sekolah Berasrama Penuh while SRPB under Perak State, sekolah berasrama bantuan penuh kerajaan negeri. So, now two parties berebut untuk mendidik pelajar cemerlang ini. Funny right, beberapa hari lepas dia sedih sebab tiada tawaran sekarang dua pihak mahukan dia.

My advice, I think she should choose SERATAS, since Taiping a very nice place to spent your youth time compare to Ipoh. Imagine, sekolah dalam taman yang cantik dengan tasik, air terjun dan zoo..! SRPB also not a bad place to study, since terletak dalam kawasan kampong, Kampung Manjoi di pinggir bandaraya Ipoh. Tetapi sekolah asrama penuh ada lebih banyak kemudahan berbanding sekolah bawah kerajaan negeri.

Aku rasa dia patut dengar nasihat aku dalam memilih antara dua sekolah ini. How do I know both schools? Aku pernah belajar di kedua-dua buah sekolah…! Aku ambil PMR di Sekolah Raja Permaisuri BAINUN and SPM di (suaminya) Sekolah Menengah Sains Raja Tun AZLAN Shah. Read my previous entry: Buli Sekolah

Kepada adik Atikah, All the Best..!

Menteri Kita Bukan Bodoh, Cuma Pelupa.....

Lanjutan dari kisah Menteri Bodoh or Kita Bangang?

Dalam The Star hari ini Former Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid Azmi said he agrees with his successor decision to cancel the ‘Tukar dan Menang’ contest. Dia kata sememangnya tidak perlu …bla….bla…bla…(nak jaga hati orang kampong la tu)..

Cuma aku tertarik di bahagian yang dia cakap dia TERLUPA nak inform Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, who has taken charge of the ministry selepas dia pindah ke Natural Resources and Environment Ministry. This contest involves RM350, 000.00 of our money and dia boleh lupa.

“Azmi, who is now Natural Resources and Environment Minister, said when he was transferred to the new ministry he forgot to inform Radzi about the draws…” – TheStar

Dalam mana-mana organisasi pun hand-over tugas adalah salah satu benda penting jika terdapat sebarang pertukaran tugas atau pekerja. Tapi di peringkat kementerian kita pun boleh terlupa urusan yang melibatkan wang sejumlah RM350, 000.00.

Pelik… memang betul-betul pelik.

Another interesting part:

“I believe the (Home Affairs) ministry officials had also forgotten about the issue,” Azmi said in the 60 Minit Bersama Mentri programme over RTM1 on Wednesday night.

Bukan sahaja menteri kita pelupa, pegawai-pegawai disana pun ‘terlupa’ juga. Official yang ‘terlupa’ ini adalah antara 800,000 perkerja sector awam yang minta naik gaji dan beberapa tuntutan lain daripada kerajaan melalui Cuepacs.

“We hope the Government will consider our request once we present our report to him (Pak Lah),” Cuepacs president Datuk Nordin Abdul Hamid said on 28 September 2006 to The Star.

Patutlah Najib minta mereka bersabar...

‘‘Saya menyeru pekerja sektor awam bersabar kerana pihak Cuepacs dan kerajaan sedang berunding mengenai tuntutan-tuntutan ini…Apa yang penting dilakukan oleh anggota sektor awam adalah berusaha memperbaiki kualiti perkhidmatan, memastikan sistem penyampaian lebih berkesan dan memberikan layanan mesra terhadap pelanggan,’’ – Najib told Utusan

Thursday, February 15

Menteri Kita Bodoh? Rupanya Menteri Singapore Lagi Bodoh…

Latest episode of Singapore soup opera.

…sambungan dari episode lepas: Singa Pura-pura

Dalam lawatan rasmi Pak Lah ke Thailand baru-bari ini salah satu isu yang berjaya diselesaikan adalah konflik di sempadan. Pak Lah jumpa PM Thailand di Phuket, makan-makan, bincang-bincang, main golf dan kedua-dua pemimpin agrees both parties will help each other to end conflict keagamaan di selatan Thailand. They also discuss to tighten the relationship dalam kerjasama ekonomi Segi Tiga Pertumbuhan Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand (IMG-GT). Mana Singapore?

We all know Singapore bukan rakan terbaik Malaysia, end of last year they also start to play games with Thailand dalam isu Temasek beli Shin Corp. And in recent weeks, they invited Indonesia pula. One thing let to another, Indonesia ask to stop export pasir ke bumi Singapore. This resulting havocs dalam construction industry di Singapore. Indonesia ada valid reason to stop exporting sand, since mereka pun sedang membangun dan memerlukan pasir dan juga aktiviti mengorek pasir telah menggangu ekosistem di kepulauan Indonesia. So, to minimize the damages they stop export sand to foreign country, hanya untuk kegunaan sendiri sahaja. I think that a very smart move.

At last, Singapore’s parliament aware of their international affair is not in best condition.

“Kejayaan kita dan pertumbuhan pesat mungkin mewujudkan banyak ketegangan dengan jiran-jiran kita, yang berasa terancam dengan cabaran dan tekanan itu…Jiran-jiran kita mungkin berasa sedih, dan jatuh …Oleh itu, soalan saya ialah, mungkin anda tahu, kita patut memperlahankannya,” - anggota Parlimen bagi Kawasan Perwakilan Kumpulan Pantai Barat (GRC), Ho Geok Choo menyoal Menteri Luar George Yeo pada sidang parlimen pada Isnin. – di olah dari Utusan

Ho Geok Choo rasa Singapore terlalu pesat membangun, dan mencadangkan kepada Menteri Luar George Yeo agar Singapore memperlahankan pembangunan. What a nobel idea, but yet very..very stupid. Apa ke bodohnya menteri Singapore beranggapan kita cemburu dengan pembangunan mereka. And the best solution they can think off, slow down the development. Batul-betul bodoh..! Maybe, betul mereka negara termaju dari segi ekonomi, tapi kalau dah mati and hidup semula pun aku tak mungkin ingin menjadi rakyat Singapore. Banyak sangat perkara telah dikorbankan oleh kerajaan Singapore untuk mengejar kemajuan. Moral, ethic, agama, adat, budaya… semuanya dilupakan. Dan salah satu mangsa terbesar kemajuan Singapore adalah orang Melayu itu sendiri, so orang gila pun tak mungkin jealous? Bodoh punya menteri.

Melihat kebodohan menteri dan ahli parliament Singapore, aku rasa lega at least menteri kita masih boleh berfikir.

Update, 16 February 2007:

Najib comments pasal kebodohan ahli parlimen Singapore

‘‘Kita tidak pernah cemburu dengan mana-mana negara jadi tidak perlu jadikan cemburu sebagai alasan’’ – Najib told Utusan

Sopannya TPM kita tu, patutnya labelkan sahaja wakit rakyat Singapore tu bodoh.

Wednesday, February 14

Menteri Bodoh or Kita Bangang?

24 August 2005

“Cabutan bertuah MyKad - Hadiah RM350,000 termasuk Myvi ditawarkan sebelum 30 Nov..” - Home Minister then, Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid

26 August 2005

“Kempen cabutan bertuah Jom Tukar dan Menang MyKad yang diumumkan kelmarin menampakkan kesan memberangsangkan bagi menarik minat orang ramai menukar kad pengenalan lama kepada kad pengenalan pelbagai guna, MyKad”Utusan

13 February 2007
“…Jom Tukar dan Menang (Let’s Change and Win) lucky draw as ‘silly and rubbish’….I don't agree with the draw. No one is cheating anybody” - Home Minister now, Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad told TheStar

Memang betul, menukar identity card lama kepada MyCard adalah tanggungjawab semua warganegara Malaysia. Tetapi tindakan Home Ministry ‘menipu’ rakyat Malaysia memang tidak boleh diterima. It’s just like parents trick they children, ‘pegi sekolah ya, nanti papa belikan ice cream’…. Dengan tanpa rasa bersalah rakyat Malaysia diperbodoh-bodohkan sebegitu. Aku bukan ustaz, but I really sure menipu adalah sifat orang-orang munafik. And if we continue support orang munafik ni, aku rasa kita pun dapat saham juga, since memilih pemimpin yang jujur adalah tanggungjawap kita sebagai umat Islam. Radzi labelkan peraduan tu sebagai 'silly and rubbish', maksudnya dia tuduh Azmi Khalid sebagai 'silly and rubbish' juga lah. Aduhai, kalau bergaduh kat Perlis pun jangan la sampai satu negara tahu, malu la sikit.

I really interested to hear what Pak Lah going to say about this issue. Since according to Azmi Khalid yang buat announcement pada 24 August 2005, he got approval from Pak Lah and Najib

“Langkah baru yang diperkenalkan itu, katanya, telah mendapat kelulusan Perdana Menteri yang juga Menteri Kewangan, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan Timbalannya, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, baru-baru ini” – Azmi Khalid Told Utusan

“Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy pula yang baru melancarkan peraduan tangkap gambar pesalah trafik, empat hari lalu, turut membatalkan peraduan tersebut kerana menyifatkan peraduan itu ‘boleh disalah guna oleh sesetengah pihak untuk meraih untung” – di olah dari Utusan

Ok lah, at least baru beberapa hari dilancarkan and I believe nobody rasa ditipu. But this shows how careless our ministers. Mereka tak fikir masak-masak pun any decision yang mereka nak ambil. Bodoh betul..!

Yang menarik dan sedihnya, majority rakyat Malaysia akan tak kisah diperbodoh sebegini, bangang betul…!

Update, 15 Feb 07:

Metro semalam ada siarkan temubual dengan Radzi, or I would like to called as Mr. Come On. Sepanjang temubual dia asyik sebut perkataan tu je.

Menteri Besar Perlis minta Radzi tarik balik perkataan ‘bodoh’. Azmi Khalid boleh senyum lebar, Big Brother Perlis on his side.

‘‘Beliau (Radzi) tidak boleh kata keputusan yang dibuat dahulu (pemberian hadiah bagi memperbaharui MyKad) sebagai bodoh…Kalau hendak mengubah apa yang Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid lakukan, ubahlah tetapi janganlah sampai mengata bodoh atau mengarut terhadap apa yang dilakukan oleh menteri berkenaan… Saya cukup tidak bersetuju,” - Utusan

Jarang-jarang jumpa menteri besar sebijak Shahidan Kasim ni. Bijak ada makna kot.

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