Thursday, May 31

Latest Transfer Gossip

With EPL and almost all European club competition come to an end this month, peminat bolasepak akan officially menjadi pemerhati ‘stock market’. Pasaran saham jual beli player. During this period or club official site (for me, are not the best source of info anymore. They will not produce the most juiciest and controversial gossip. We can’t expect to expose any Liverpool target, kan. And will only publish solid and proved news. For past several years, I have been using to provide me with any latest news during this period, although some of the news simply out of this world. Who cares… actually a news portal, they will feed all news related to any particular subject and put it on one page for our easy viewing.

The intensiveness of the news links includes news from, even Sarawak Tribune. So, if there is any publisher around the globe write any news related to Liverpool we will be able to read it there. And the page update every 5 minutes. Cool right?

For other topic, simply explore the site yourself.

Talking about cool, jika rakan-rakan disini boring tak tau nak buat apa. Play this ‘game’.

  1. Go to
  2. key in aku betul
  3. press ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’
  4. Wallaaah..!


Wednesday, May 30

Top 20 Asian Progressives

Majalah World Business telah mengeluarkan senarai Asian 20 Most Progressive Person. Aku tidak berapa faham apa yang dimaksudkan ‘most progressive’ tapi ini yang aku copy and paste dari website majalah itu;

We have spotlighted the individuals driving Asia forward - those that are helping to bring about rules-based civil societies, or who are advancing the cause of better governance, be it in business or government.

Ada tiga benda aku nak cakap pasal list itu.

1. Kita (Malaysian) berjaya kalahkan Singapore – Aku Suka…!

Mr Brown dari blogger terkenal dari Singapore. Beliau berada di tangga 16 senarai itu. Aku nak memetik kata-kata beliau bila beliau mengulas pasal senarai ini;

Because, as all Singaporeans know, it is always important to one-up Malaysians in a Top Whatever List of any kind.Mr Brown

Jadi dalam senarai Top 20 Asian Progressive, we really kick their ass since Singapore’s sole representative are Mr Brown, while we have 4 names and 3 of them are in the top ten. Hahaha… Take that LOSER…!

2. Raja Petra at no two? - Aku Curious…!

Komen dari senarai Top 20 Asian Progressive:

Petra, a nephew of a former king of Malaysia, founded Malaysia-today in 2004 and works on it full time. The site now gets an astonishing 1.8 million hits on an average day, making it much more popular than any Malaysian newspaper.

Kalau check di, cuma terima 10-15 ribu setiap hari berbanding atau yang terima ratusan ribu. Jadi apa sumber rujukan Majalah World Business dalam mengiktiraf Raja Petra? Kenapa mereka menipu dengan mengatakan jutaan pengunjung?

From Alexa: Stats

Graph diatas menunjukkan comparisan Malaysia-today, Thestar and Utusan for world rank. I cant see how World Business said Malaysia-today beat Malaysia's local newspaper online reader? Mereka ada sumber lain daripada kot.

3. No 10, Syed Mokhtar Al- Bukhary – Aku Suka…! lepas tu marah…

Komen mereka:

A modern Muslim, he does not believe that women should cover their heads or faces and feels that Islam should return to what it was once known for: commerce and the arts.

English aku tak sebagus mana, tapi from my shallow understanding wartawan tu tulis Syed Mokhtar percaya wanita tak perlu tutup kepala (aurat). Tak mungkin la tokoh korparat islamik macam Syed Mokhtar berpendapat sebegitu. Apa tujuan majalah tersebut? Dan apa reaksi dari Syed Mokhtar?

Turut tersenarai adalah Dr M anda Zety. For the complete list read here: Top 20 Asian Progrssives

P/S: Update slow sikit after this, my laptop problem. Fan tak function and memory tak cukup. Duit lagi....

Monday, May 28

Aku Betul...! II

Semalam aku gatal tangan check Technorati. Just want to check blog/site that link to Aku Betul…!. Then come to my surprise I found this weird blog title: Aku Saja Yang Betul. Host in Wordpress.

This funny human being starts blogging in December 2006. Not just his blog title similar to mine but this retarded minded person copy and paste few of my articles and republish it there. Pelik…pelik… pelik… Dia bersungguh copy exactly few of my posting and paste the whole article back at Wordpress. Hahahahhahaha….!

Sepet is the title of Yasmin movie, but the blogger nickname is Kodokers (Afdlin follower?), since Afdlin Shauki call himself at his blog as Chief of Kodok. So, maybe this is half functional brain movie buff…. Nevermind.

To this hilarious creature, picture below is for you to analyze.

Maybe he (cannot be a girl) is one of my friends, and tries to explore Wordpress. All the best buddy…!

For all his hardwork, I credit his effort with this posting. Not a bad reward… Right? Hahahahaha….

P/s: I wonder he will copy this posting or not. Ermmm...

Manchester United vs Malaysia XI - Off?

6 May 2007
“The Manchester United tour dates clash with the AFC Asian Cup and AFC doesn't want any competitions to be promoted or organised during the month of July…If the tour goes ahead then it will be a breach of the OAA (Organising Association Agreement).” - Asian football chief Mohamed Bin Hammam, Soccernet

8 May 2007
FIFA president Sepp Blatter has thrown his weight behind calls for Manchester United to look again at this summer's controversial tour of Asia. - Soccernet

11 May 2007
"This is what the government wants. All Malaysians will enjoy the Manchester United game…I don't think we should reject this tour. I hope the AFC understand this." Pak Lah told media, quote by BBC

19 May 2007
“There is room for compromise. We have sought an audience with the prime minister ... We owe it to him to explain our side of the story… AFC had never called for the United game on July 27 to be called off. We only want them to reschedule their match” – Mohamed Bin Hammam respond to Pak Lah statement.

Here the story:

While planning activities for Visit Malaysia Year 2007 with the conjunction of 50th years of independent celebration, Malaysia government organizes various world class sporting events to promote sport tourism. Event such as Formula One, Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras, Badminton Super Series, Malaysia Open Tennis Championship, Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tourney and of cause Asia Cup Final (one month of July) and Manchester United exhibition match (27 July) against Malaysia selection - the problem occurs here.

  1. FAM already signed an agreement with AFC that they will not organize any high profile event to divide media and fans attention from AFC Cup during one month period. (July)
  2. FIFA rules indicate any government must approach them for any Category A match through football association, in this case FAM

So, FAM as we all knew their level of stupidity plan to organize the match without realize they violate the agreement. AFC president warn them about the issue. Our beloved prime minister stupidly getting himself involves and makes the matter worst. When AFC refuse to allow the match even with Pak Lah instruction, everybody slam AFC and label them as arrogant and failed to repay Malaysia deeds, including set up AFC ‘home’ near Bukit Jalil.

My view:

FAM – Stupid, what we can expect from this bunch of idiot.

Pak Lah – Stupid, why he need to publicize his support?

Mohamed Bin Hammam – Correct, cool…

Other politic figures that slam AFC – Damn stupid, just shut your month. (Including ‘the son in law’)

My suggestion:

  1. Reschedule the match to early August (if possible). M.U should agree to reschedule their plan since we (Malaysian) throw our money to them via sponsorship (AirAsia and Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board) and TV right (Astro)
  2. Forget Mangkuk, and invite other club or national team to play in early August.
  3. We not really celebrate our national football team, so just forget about the exhibition match.

I realize if we follow AFC instruction, we lose some face. But, it is our own damn mistake. Furthermore we not rank that high in football world anyway.

Saturday, May 26

Lanun Pawagam

Aku bukanlah peminat filem, tambahan lagi filem yang ada sequence. Star Wars, LOTR, Sembilu (Hahahaa…). Pada aku reason menonton filem adalah untuk hiburan. So, everytime aku reached cinema aku akan pick any comedy related movie. Aku sedar itu bukan satu benda yang betul dan aku pun tak suruh sesiapa tiru cara aku itu. Cuma sebagai laymen dalam industry filem aku terkejut bila lihat sambutan orang Malaysia terhadap Pirates of Caribbean 3. Lihat gambar dibawah yag aku ambil di TGV, Bukit Raja, late Saturday evening.

TGV sediakan 2 counters for that movie tapi still kena queue sampai luar. Counter untuk filem-filem lain kosong je. Including filem Sumolah.

Kuat betul sokongan orang Malaysia terhadap filem luar. Tidak cukup dengan lambakan filem Hollywood, Hong Kong, Korea, Siam, Indon, China dan Hindustan di sini. GSC bawa pula filem dari France untuk santapan rakyat Malaysia.

Tahun ini, buat kali ketujuh, GSC membawakan tujuh buah filem terbaik Perancis dalam siri Festival Filem Perancis yang bermula pada 24 Mei lalu sehingga 3 Jun ini di GSC MidValley, Kuala Lumpur dan GSC One Utama, Petaling Jaya. - Utusan

Agaknya filem-filem kita dapat tempat ke di negara-negara luar? Aku bukan maksudkan dapat tayangan amal, tayangan sempena pesta filem or dapat award-award picisan. Aku maksudkan tayangan umum yang berbayar.

Memang budaya kita senang terima barang dari luar kot.... (Dah makin jauh aku cuba fikir). Malas.... baik aku layan Perak vs Kedah, 2nd half.

Friday, May 25

Pernah Contact Guru Lama?

Source: Bernama Poll

Mungkin cerita aku ini agak lambat, kerana hari guru di sambut pada 16 Mei setiap tahun. Tak kisah lah…

Aku cuma sedih bila melihat keputusan poll di Daripada lebih seribu orang yang mengundi, 60% mengakui tidak pernah menghubungi guru sekolah mereka selepas habis zaman persekolahan. TIDAK PERNAH, NEVER….Sedih pun ada, terkejut pun ada. Apa la bangang sangat kita semua ni. Call kawan-kawan, girlfriend boleh habis beratus-ratus ringgit sebulan, itu belum kira manusia pelik yang sanggup undi untuk rancangan reality tv. Apa yang membuatkan kita tak hubungi mereka? Segan, lost contact? Malas? ... .mencari alasan memang mudah.

Patut la ramai cikgu yang tawar hati untuk menghambakan diri dalam bidang perguruan. Masyarakat kita memang tidak pandai membalas budi para guru rupanya. Masa zaman sekolah masing-masing kelam kabut hadiahkan cikgu kad, bunga, pen dan macam-macam lagi. Lepas habis sekolah, nak hubungi mereka pun kita tak sempat or sengaja tak nak.

Aku pun undi juga poll diatas, tapi aku pilih ‘Yes, I have’, sebab last year aku dengan kawan-kawan sekolah ada buat reunion di sekolah dan kami jemput bekas-bekas guru untuk beramah mesra. Boleh consider aku pernah contact la kan. Tapi itu sahaja lah, lepas malam tu aku pun dah ‘lupakan’ mereka. Untuk guru sekolah rendah, kadang-kadang aku ada TERjumpa di kampong, then aku say hello or bagi salam. Again, lepas tu aku tak hubungi mereka lagi.

Mungkin lepas ni aku kena rajin-rajinkan diri hubungi mereka. Confirm mereka akan happy. Or mungkin juga menyampah, sebab aku bukannya murid yang cemerlang yang mereka boleh banggakan. Hahahhaha…..

Kepada semua guru aku dulu atau para guru yang terjumpa blog aku ni. Aku nak ucapkan…

Teeerrrriiiiimaaaaa Kassssseeeehhhh… Cikgu..!

Thursday, May 24

We Failed to Paint Europe Red

Even the most hard core Milan's fans would agree we almost shut them down totally. Statistic never lies....

But, the final score....

I still believe Liverpool are the best in Europe, well done guys...


Aku lupa nak buat pagi tadi, sorry...

The complete result of UEFA Champion League 2007.

Champion: Athletic Club Milan
1st Runner Up: Liverpool Football Club
2nd Runner Up: Chelsea Football Club
3rd Runner Up: Manchester United Football Club (a.k.a Mangkuk)

Ada yang tak puas hati dengan kedudukan ni ke?

Wednesday, May 23

Kedai Kereta Terbakar

Semalam aku ponteng kerja dan pergi repair kereta kat bengkel seksyen 25, Shah Alam. Semasa kereta aku sedang di uji (dah habis repair), tiba-tiba bengkel sebelah bumbungnya berasap. So, semua perkerja di bengkel bersebelahan kelam kabut sambar fire extinguisher dan mencari punca api. Tuan punya kereta-kereta pulak kelam kabut keluarkan kereta. Dan yang bestnya, aku cepat-cepat sambar handphone nak snap gambar. Hahahaha....

Rupa-rupanya heater untuk oven paintshop sebelah terbakar. Pekerja-pekerja kedai tu ambil masa tak sampai 1 minit untuk padamkan api.

2 minit sebelum, kedai-kedai atas ni penuh kereta. Sepantas kilat empunya kereta alihkan keluar. Ada yang tak sempat pasang break, ada yang tak de minyak hitam, macam-macam lagi... lucu pun ada rasanya.

Lepas 15 minit, baru lah bomba sampai.

Bomba main renjis-renjis api kat cerobong yang masih terbakar.

Seronok pula rasanya melihat aksi semua orang dalam keadaan kelam kabut menyelamatkan kereta dan barang-barang berharga. Aku seronok sebab tiada yang cedera, memang ramai yang tersenyum lepas habis semua selesai.

Monday, May 21

Islam – Online Info

Notice: To non-muslim please take this posting very lightly. Not very much related to you guys.

First I want to write E-Islam as the post title, since people always put letter ‘E’ infront of any word to indicate the cyber side of it. Such as, e-mail, e-banking, e-government, e-dagang, e-perolehan. I not really sure why? I believe ‘E’ there stands for ‘electronics’ but communication as whole not really about electronics anymore. Or maybe it is la… stop. That’s not the main issue here.

I received a forwarded email from a friend indicate that listed below are the websites related to Islam but developed by non muslim (Jews) in order to provide wrong information to all muslim and divert our ‘akidah’. I not sure it is true or not, my email to JAIS, JAWI received no concrete reply. Maybe they already published an article or ‘fatwa’ regarding this issue that not came to my attention.

Hope friends here can provide me some information.

1. – Christian & Muslim Dialogue

2. – Forum base, currently under upgrading

3. – Online search service

4. - provide a unique interpretation of The Quran

If we follow the link all the websites are currently running.

Watch out guys… to be safe, I believe better for us to surf local Islam base website, especially developed by government agencies. Of cause not the one that been hacked by some morons la.
(Web Jawi kena hack - Metro 17/05/07)

Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor

Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)

JAKIM English

P/S: I not sure true or not, website belong one of my friend from Aku Betul…! Mr Shah has been hacked by one stupid joker and I believe he demand something in return to release the site. Shah, is it true? Or just a security testing or a prank?


Sunday, May 20

Chelsea FC – 3rd in Europe, Not Bad for Multi Billion Investment

1st time in the history of UEFA Champ League there is a 3rd and 4th placing play off.

Location: Wembley Stadium, England

Date: 19 May 2007

Time: 9:55 pm (Malaysia Time)

Teams: 2 losing semi finalist (Mangkuk and Chelshit)


Thursday, May 17

Tiap-tiap Bulan Bocor....Hahahaha..

Aku rasa ramai dah tahu dalam persidangan parlimen kadang-kadang MP kita bertindak macam budak-budak sekolah sedang bertengkar. Walaupun tidak extreme sampai baling-baling kerusi seperti di sesetengah negara, tapi ‘kenakalan’ MP kita tidak kurang menarik juga.

I believe last year while MP Batu Gajah ‘kutuk’ kerajaan, some MP ask her to stop talking and balik rumah hisap susu (since tak salah aku dia adalah antara MP paling muda sekarang). And dua hari lepas again Fong Po Kuan kena main dengan MP Barisan Nasional. Hahahhaha… very funny.

Isu itu timbul pada persidangan Dewan Rakyat pada Rabu lepas, ketika dalam keriuhan wakil BN dan pembangkang sedang hangat memperkata isu kebocoran siling bangunan Parlimen,

Bung Moktar (BN-Kinabatangan) kedengaran berkata:
“Mana ada bocor... Batu Gajah tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor (datang haid) juga.”

Source: Utusan

"Where is the leak, the member for Batu Gajah also leaks once a month," - NSTP

Hahahahha…. Is that funny or what?

Actually, not just Bung Moktar throw that joke, several other MPs also laughs and repeats his words.

So, beberapa badan wanita pun berdemonstrasilah di depan office their ‘hero’, Sharizat. And Sharizat manage to calm them down and promise to seek a proper channel to solve their ‘problem’.

While defending the BN’s MPs,

“Sebenarnya mereka (Mohd. Said dan Bung Moktar) tidak bertujuan untuk menghiris atau menyinggung perasaaan kaum wanita….Itu kenyataan yang disampuk oleh mereka dalam perbahasan kerana marah kepada MP Batu Gajah (Fong Po Kuan),” - Utusan

Najib on behave of Jemaah Menteri will ask all the MPs to apologies for the ‘funny’ behavior.

Maybe Najib bertindak sebab takut kena denda RM10,000… Since dalam TheStar ada report ini:

PUTRAJAYA: Employers will face a RM10, 000 fines if they fail to act or investigate complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Pada aku mungkin perangai MPs BN dalam parlimen kadang-kadang melampau, tapi cracking a simple joke like that apa lah salahnya… sekadar melepaskan tension.

MP Batu Gajah pun bocor tiap-tiap bulan…..


Aku hormat kaum hawa, cuma tak salah rasanya aku appreciate a good not so bad joke, right? Cuma aku sedikit confuse apa maksud MP BN bila cakap 'mana ada bocor'? habis tu yang dilaporkan paip bocor, ceiling pecah... itu semua rekaan ke? Bodoh betul la ...

Wednesday, May 16

Raja Nazrin - Putera Paling Cool di Malaysia

Macam aku pernah cerita disini: Raja Azlan & Permaisuri Bainun. Aku bersekolah menengah di dua sekolah. Sekolah Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh and Sekolah Menengah Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah, Taiping. Semasa di Ipoh, dua kali Raja Nazrin datang melawat sekolah bagi pihak ibundanya. So, memang budak-budak perempuan sekolah aku ramai yang jatuh cinta dengan putera raja handsome ini. Selepas gossip dengan Wan Zaleha reda tiada lagi sebarang cerita pasal percintaan putera kesayangan rakyat ini, walaupun ada desas desus mengatakan percintaan dengan kerabat Kedah sudah berputik. Then, last week confirm desas desus itu menjadi kenyataan. Ramai juga anak gadis yang terluka hati kerana the most eligible bacholer in Malaysia dah kena sambar.

Semasa lawatan ke sekolah aku, memang aku dapat lihat Raja Nazrin memang baik, budak-budak sekolah kerumun dia untuk bersalam and bergambar. Raja Nazrin senyum je. Tapi tak mungkin aku boleh buat conclusion sifat Raja Nazrin simply base on these two occasions, right. But, news in recent week membuktikan Raja Nazrin adalah putera raja paling cool di Malaysia.

Raja Muda Perak, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah akan melangsungkan perkahwinan pada 17 Mei ini di Istana Iskandariah, Bukit Chandan di sini.Utusan 07/05/07

Pejabat Sultan Perak Sultan Azlan Shah melahirkan rasa kesal dan dukacita terhadap Utusan Malaysia dan KOSMO! kerana menyiarkan gambar bakal isteri Raja Muda Perak Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah sebelum namanya diumumkan oleh pihak istana. – Utusan 09/05/07

Memang badut la Utusan Malaysia, mereka dengan confidentnya published wajah bakal isteri Raja Nazrin then tanpa rasa bersalah siarkan laporan kekesalan Istana Perak. Si badut yang kurang ajar….Tapi Raja Nazrin cool je, tiada sebarang berita menunjukkan Raja Nazrin melenting.

“…Raja Nazrin politely thanked the state government for allocating funds for the royal wedding….Instead, he advised the state government to spend the money for development projects to meet the needs of the people,”
– MB Perak told Malaysian press (NST)

"Tuanku wants a simple and moderate ceremony. Nevertheless, we will ensure that the royal customs and traditions are adhered to," -
Datuk Pengelola Bijaya Diraja Istana Iskandariah, Raja Datuk Seri Mansur Raja Razman told Bernama

Is that cool or what? Raja Nazrin up to his reputation as “People-Centered Prince” by politely refuse to use government money for the wedding. All expenses related to his wedding would be borne by him… Cool… betul-betul cool. He even advise all corporate parties do not over spend while congratulate him through media advertisement.

  • Sambil sesetengah pihak mewah berbelanja hanya untuk memancing undi pilihanraya.
  • Sambil sesetangah putera raja berseronok menghabiskan duit rakyat dengan ber FIESTA bersama media dan artis.
  • Putera bujang telajak Perak ini merendah diri walaupun untuk hari paling bersejarah dalam hidup dia.

Bangganya aku jadi rakyat Perak

Complete coverage of Raja Nazrin wedding: Perak - Wedding

P/S: Aku bukan cuba main semangat negeri, aku cuma bangga negeri aku ada putera yang cool...!

Tuesday, May 15

Harga Barang Naik... Thanks to PM

“…prices of retail goods and food stuff have soared between five and 10 per cent.…This was discovered in a Bernama survey of several groceries and wholesalers as well as interviews with consumers in three major towns today…”

“….Antara alasan yang diberikan ialah harga dinaikkan pengilang, maka pemborong tiada pilihan dan terpaksa menjual pada harga yang lebih tinggi kepada peruncit…”

Harga barang runcit naik lagi, what the helll?.... Alasan dari peruncit adalah kerana kenaikan harga oleh pengilang. Tak tahu la pula apa alasan dari pengilang, wait… actually they not really need to have a valid reason to increase the price.

Interesting part is, Pahang Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry enforcement chief Wan Suhaimi Wan Ibrahim advised consumers to be wise by frequenting fair prices outlets to get their supply of groceries and foodstuff. – He told local media.

That’s the best government can do. Give stupid advice?

Why there is a price hike? Simply because of this stupid announcement….

"Semua (kakitangan) akan menerima kenaikan, cuma yang berbeza nanti adalah jumlahnya,”

Kata Perdana Menteri kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Forum Halal Sedunia 2007 di Pusat Konvensyen Kuala Lumpur di sini, hari ini.

Source: Utusan Malaysia 8 May 2007

Yeah right, government servant dapat naik gaji and manufacturer senang hati naikkan harga barang runcit even before they get the pay rise. How about private sector? We just have to absorb the increase of living cost la…

Stupid… simply stupid… What we can do to stop this scenario? Nothing…. Ahhhhh..!

Not totally related to topis: Higher toll rate for SMART Tunnel - TheStar

Also not totally related: Rain and thunderstorm have been forecast to happen in Kuala Lumpur and several states in the Peninsular and Sarawak tomorrow (16 May 2007) afternoon. - Bernama

Betul lah… the only things ‘going down’ in Malaysia adalah air hujan….

I love Malaysia…!

Monday, May 14

Sumolah – Filem ke Iklan?

Notice: Ini my second film review, yang 1st dulu dapat reaction yang agak menarik. - Mukhsin Review

Aku memang dah lama minat Afdlin, before dia berlakon Soal Hati lagi. Tak salah aku filem Buli aku pergi tengok dengan classmate UiTM, hampir 10 orang, seat depan sekali. Nak patah tengkuk, tapi still puas hati. Punyalah aku follow Afdlin, aku tahu mana dia dapat idea buat filem Buli. Almost 10 years ago, Afdlin terpilih untuk jadi celebrity guest untuk contest buat short film using Canon digital camera. If I not mistaken that contest di Singapore. Dalam contest itu, Afdlin dengan seorang budak perempuan membuat kisah ‘Buli’ dan berjaya dapat hadiah (not sure what position). I can’t recall Afdlin reveal this story to anyone, but I’m confident he gets the idea from his works with that young girl. Ok, leave it… itu cerita lain. We focus on Sumolah.

Yesterday before makan free at majlis pelancaran Kelab Mahasiswa Selangor aku pergi tengok
buah tangan terbaru dari Afdlin Shauki. Selepas sekian lama menunggu kekosongan slot wajib tayang akhirnya berjaya juga filem ini sampai ke pawagam. Mungkin juga politic dalam industry filem kita agak kritikal. Adakah Afdlin dihukum kerana kelantangan beliau mengutuk program Kekwa di Indonesia?

Secara mudah aku cakap tak rugi RM10.00 yang aku belanjakan. Lagipun sebagai orang berbadan besar mustahil untuk aku membenci filem ini. Hero gemuk, hero baik hati, mulia, rajin dan yang penting, hero (orang gemuk) dapat awek cun (heroin)… Cayalah Afdlin.

The whole cinema laughs like mad, memang sebuah karya lucu terbaik yang pernah diterbitkan oleh anak tempatan. Dengan isi dan message penuh bermakna yang diadun dengan cantik, isu-isu budaya dan masalah-masalah masyarakat yang diolah dengan teliti, Afdlin sememangnya seorang sutradara hebat… hampir mustahil untuk difikirkan sebuah filem tentang semangat budaya, setiakawan dan kebangsaan sebegini boleh dipersembahkan dengan gaya komedi. Lawak-lawak santai pecah perut yang sering diselitkan benar-benar menyerlahkan ‘gaya Afdlin’.

Aku tak kiralah, maybe orang yang belum saksikan filem ini akan marah since aku cerita, tapi here some of the scenes yang benar-benar buat aku tabik spring 10 kali kat Afdlin:

  1. Akiro (Gurmit Singh) and Siti (Inthira Charoenpura) bersembang dalam bahasa Jepun. Imagine, Singaporean and awek Siam cakap bahasa Jepun dalam sebuah filem Malaysia. Is that cool or what?
  2. Sindir-sindir antara Ramlee (Afdlin) dan Akiro (Gurmit). 2 of the best comedian in South East Asia dalam satu scene, perlu ke aku ulas lagi?
  3. Scene dalam public bathroom di Jepun…Hahahahaha….
  4. Scene yang menggambarkan betapa lawanya heroin… hampir menyebabkan road accident…Hahahahahah…
  5. Gelagat mereka berlatih dan berlawan sumo dengan orang Jepun
  6. Ramlee (Afdlin) 1st time main sumo.. Hahahha.. tak reti nak buka cawat tu, sampai bawa balik rumah….
  7. Afdlin malu bila awek tengok dia separuh bogel (pakai cawat nak main sumo).

Ada banyak lagi lawak-lawak spontan dari Awie, Radhi, Gurmit dan ramai lagi.

TETAPI, aku sedikit kesal since while enjoying the film aku perlu ingatkan diri aku, ini adalah sebuah filem dan bukannya commercial advertisement from Celcom and Ogawa. Before this, aku sedih menonton filem Castello (Rosyam & Bade) sebab dah macam iklan biskut Julie, tapi Sumolah lagi melampau. Mungkin Afdlin terpaksa menggunakan Celcom dan Ogawa untuk membantu promosi dan juga cover production cost. It is true, scenario penajaan sebegini adalah a win-win situation. Tapi sedih juga sebab sutradara hebat seperti Afdlin pun belum cukup confident untuk mengharapkan 100% from kutipan pawagam. Seriously terlalu banyak ‘iklan’ Celcom and Ogawa dalam Sumo lah. Hinggakan baju rasmi Boleh Sushi (tempat Ramlee kerja) berwarna biru-putih. Nasib baik warna Diamond Sushi (musuh Boleh Sushi) bukan color kuning (Digi). Punyalah banyak promosi Celcom dalam Sumolah, sehingga ada sedutan iklan Celcom (Owen, Pires, Giggs and Gerrard main bola atas telephone). Aku rasa bukan Afdlin yang menggunakan Celcom tetapi Celcom yang telah memperkudakan Afdlin dan Sumo lah.

Tak kisahlah, Celcom dan Ogawa happy since dapat platform bermutu tinggi untuk represent their brand, Afdlin suka sebab filem dia boleh diterbitkan dan dipromosikan dengan kos yang tinggi dan cara terbaik, dan yang paling penting penonton tidak akan kering gusi, bergelak ketawa sambil berfikir semasa menonton Sumo lah.

Semua pihak gembira. Tepuk tangan dan simpan kritikan dalam poket jelah.

Tahniah Afdlin…..NOKOTTA...!

Update (16/05/07):

Terkejut aku Afdlin merayu kat blog dia agar peminat dia pergi tengok Sumolah. Since morons yang control cinema's chain ask to cut Sumolah screening sebab tak dapat sambutan. Read rayuan Afdlin here: Afdlin Minta Tolong

Selain dari pergi menonton and tolong promote kat kawan-kawan. Aku rasa maybe by rate Sumolah kat Yahoo! Movie boleh selamatkan filem ini. Kesian, jaguh Sumo Malaysia kena gigit labah-labah jadian dari US. Sedih..sedih.. Please rate Sumolah : Sumolah at Yahoo!

Cammanalah award winning director terpaksa merayu rakyat Malaysia menonton filem kita. Rakyat Malaysia memang teruk...

Friday, May 11

Notice & Iklan Menyakitkan Mata

Aku jumpa notis ni kat kedai makan Chinese di Midvalley. Tulisan cina tu mungkin berbunyi ‘Tapau’. Tapi kenapa lah bengong sangat orang yang buat notice tu. To all Chinese yang dah duduk di Malaysia berpuluh tahun but still can’t master Bahasa Melayu let me give you BM lesson. ‘Ambil Balik’ maksudnya take back, ambil semula something belongs to us. You morons should write ‘Bawa Pulang’ or simply ‘Bungkus’. Nasib baik di office aku tak ramai Ah Beng or Ah Lian. Jarang-jarang aku dengar mereka cakap ‘loli’ for ‘lorry’ or ‘tiu nya sing’ bila memaki orang.

Ini pula iklan fitness center di Jaya33, Petaling Jaya. Kenapa la mesti tunjuk cleavage tu? Kalau exercise at their gym boleh dapat buah dada yang cantik ke? Aku ingat explotasi wanita dalam iklan dah jadi issue lapuk, rupanya masih lagi famous dan boleh digunapakai.

Thursday, May 10


Aku boring, aku takde masa/idea nak tulis apa... and most importantly, aku tengah fikir pasal duit sekarang... Enjoy the pics.

Sesiapa yang tak gelak, or at least senyum anda dinasihati berjumpa doktor sakit jiwa or jimatkan wang dan tenaga dengan pergi bunuh diri...!

Tuesday, May 8

Money… Not So Important? My Friend Believe So…

Few of my previous posting point out money are the most vital element in life nowadays. Tidak kisah apa orang lain berpendapat aku seolah-olah setuju dengan kelebihan wang ringgit. But, last weekend aku bersembang dengan seorang member kampong, dia telah berjaya membuatkan aku berfikir semula.

“bla…bla…bla… Sekarang ni zaman duit, duit adalah benda terpenting dalam kehidupan….”

Member Aku:
“Takde lah, kehidupan adalah rangkuman pelbagai perkara yang sama penting. Lain orang lain la benda yang dipentingkan…”

“Apa kau cerita? Semua orang tahu duit yang paling penting…”

After long discussion, he gave one example to me. Imagine, he gave me RM 1 million and allow me use it freely. The only condition, after received that money, I’m prohibit from experiencing any kind of problem or tension. In other word, aku dilarang dari bekerja sama sekali. Lepak, go for holiday, watch TV, went shopping, etc. He definitely believes, I can only tahan for few weeks. Not even half of than million spend, aku akan rasa bosan tahap maksima dan merayu untuk melakukan aktiviti yang mencabar minda.

Then he said:
Cuba kau bayangkan pula menonton filem yang bujetnya puluhan juta tapi jalan cerita tidak ada masalah lansung. Laki-perempuan bercinta, dating, jalan-jalan, bertunang, kahwin, dapat anak…hidup aman damai. Tak kira macam mana bagus pengarah olah cerita itu, tak kira macam mana bagus jurukamera main sudut-sudut pengambaran. Aku rasa filem tu tetap tidak dapat sambutan, apatah lagi nak menang anugerah”

During that argument, as usual aku tidak mengaku kalah dan still cuba berhujah walaupun dalam pada masa yang sama otak aku seakan setuju dengan contoh-contoh yang dia bagi.

So, adakah salah dengan mengatakan duit adalah elemen terpenting dalam kehidupan? There is no such thing as ‘the most important element’ in life?

It still creates a smile in my face bila ingatkan bagaimana member aku yang sijil SPM dia takde huruf A, seumur hidup dia dihabiskan di Teluk Intan dan sekarang tolong mak dia meniaga nasi lemak kat depan masjid, mampu ajar aku pasal kehidupan.

P/S: Aku rasa Mukhsin adalah filem yang tidak ada ‘masalah’, so member aku silap.

Monday, May 7

Kemusnahan Kapal Kublai Khan

After successfully conquered Indo-china, Kublai Khan yang bercita-cita menguasai keseluruhan dunia ingin menyerang Jepun. This is the first time Kublai’s great army experience water battle, since there is no way to enter Japan melakui jalan darat. All these years, they have been quote as the best horse rider and sword fighter ever.

Cut thing short, after only few years of preparation Kublai army sail toward Japan. And in 1821, all thousands of Kublai’s battleships sank near south of Japan. Berita karamnya kapal-kapal perang beliau membuatkan Kublai Khan terlalu sedih dan memansuhkan rancangan untuk menakluki dunia. Many believe this is the turning point of the whole history of Indo-china, Asia and whole world.

Japanese believe their Sea God help them by creating enormous thunderstorm and tsunami. But in recent years scientist discovered the truth behind the vanished of Kublai’s army. They found most of the warship made with very low workmanship quality. Sesetengah kapal adalah untuk kegunaan sungai dan bukannya untuk pelayaran laut. There are no single ship yang dibina dengan tepat dan sesuai untuk dibawa berperang. Ada dua kemungkinan yang membawa kepada kegagalan pembinaan ini. Pertama, orang China yang diupah untuk membina kapal dengan sengaja sabotage the whole construction. Desakan kuat dari Kublai Khan yang memaksa pembinaan beribu-ribu kapal dalam kurang dari 3 tahun membuatkan tiada kawalan kualiti yang baik.

Lack pf patience. (tergesa-gesa)
Lack of knowledge.
Lack of proper planning.
Lack of support. (from his own people)

Aku rasa ada banyak ilmu dan pengajaran kita boleh ambil dari kisah ini. Just imagine, the great leader like Kublai Khan pun manage to make a mistake that cost him millions of skill, well trained soldier and eventually the whole empire.

To be honest I get this story from National Geography, Astro. Since starting June, Astro will charge extra for the monthly fees, I believe we should make full use of the information from all the channels. Not just 80, 81 and 82. Hahaha….ops, aku terlupa Astro Ria and @15, demam Akademi Fantasia.

Friday, May 4

Idea to Generate Income Online

As I told before, aku minat online business but sadly I still not getting involve seriously. Senang cerita, aku belum dapat duit dari internet lagi. To be fair, aku belum pun pernah menggunakan duit di internet untuk beli e-book, attend seminar or join any group. So, aku rasa se adilnya aku belum merasa nikmat online business.

But, from my observation, I got few naughty ideas to make money online. Aku cakap naughty since ianya adalah perniagaan yang aku rasa legal but haram. Play with the rules but confirm boleh make some profit. Dalam erti kata mudah, aku ada idea untuk menipu orang.

Here one my idea. (You have to familiar with online business to understand)

  1. Aku buat website
  2. Set up affiliate program.
  3. Each registered member will get personal url (
  4. While register, Ali have to pay let say, RM 30.00 to existing member randomly selected from my database.
  5. Ali will received e-book or any item as a bonus for register with
  6. Then Ali will promote his url, in order to received RM30.00 from potential new customer.

I will said the bonus item valued even more than RM 30.00 (one lousy ebook priced USD 97.00). So, customer has nothing to loss and everything to gain with my system. They get good product and potential income through referral program. Please refer point 4, customer (potential member) have to pay RM30.00 to existing member that my system randomly selected. So, without evaluating the value of the bonus item, potential customer will become a member hoping that he/she will generate an income through my unique program. As a webmaster and administrator, aku akan kenakan bayaran 10% from each sale (RM3.00) make by member pay manually to me. So, I publicly announced honest and trusts are the key element of my program. Meaning, new member will pay directly to existing member and I will get 10% of that payment. Totally brilliant idea to gain people trust, sebab system ini adalah terbalik dari mana-mana referral program yang lain, dimana administrator yang akan bayar to referrer. Menggunakan factor kejujuran, aku percaya ramai online entrepreneur wannabe akan tertarik untuk menyertai program aku. Customer love when they have all the power, right?

So far (if you seriously follow my story, and understood) you will find there is nothing wrong with this system, right? Here the tricky part, randomly selected member yang system aku pilih to received the RM30.00 payment will always be my bank account or few other accounts milik my friend or family. Dalam erti kata lain, member yang register dengan will never get even a penny from this program. Since RM30.00 will only be paid to me. Fast calculation, if I managed to cons 1000 people, I will get handsomely RM30, 000. Then aku shut down the website, tutup kedai and twist my brain for new and better con method while enjoy my holiday at Langkawi.

Dalam term and condition I will twist and spin the wording to protect myself. The fact that they pay money and received a product (bonus item) will save my ass dari segi undang-undang Malaysia.

That one of my idea to generate money online, RM30 just an example, maybe should be increase or decrease to gain people trust. But hopefully there will be nobody here evil enough to turns my imagination into reality. Or maybe without my knowledge system sebegini telah ada, so, kena hati-hati untuk masuk mana-mana system menjana pendapatan.

Wednesday, May 2

Athens Here We Come

Notice: Quickie, just to pay a tribute to The Reds Warriors...

UEFA Champion League,
Semi-finals - 01 May 2007 20:45 (CET) - Anfield, Liverpool

Update (3 May 2007):

Stupid Mourinho

“We were the best team today, even against a team only playing for the Champions League. I respected Liverpool always in my words. I don't need to say more and today I think the best team was Chelsea.”
- Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho

“That's Jose for you, he's been a credit to English football, he makes us laugh now and then.”
Liverpool FC captain, Steven Gerrard


The England midfielder also admitted Jose Mourinho's comments before the game had motivated the team. Stupid Jose, definitely the biggest ‘bad loser’ of all time. Just admit your team failure, bodoh…!

Manchester United Bodoh...

AC Milan crushed Manchester United 3-0 in their Champions League semi-final second leg at the San Siro to set up a repeat of the 2005 final against Liverpool. -

Tuesday, May 1

Celebrating May Day

MANILA (AFP) - Riot police backed by military reservists fanned out across the Philippine capital Tuesday as thousands of Filipino workers took to the streets for May Day celebrations….The Workers Party attacked Arroyo for providing "band-aid solutions" to the problem of massive unemployment and called for an across-the-board wage hike.
Yahoo News

CHANGWON, South Korea: Workers from the two Koreas called for the reunification of their divided homeland Tuesday when they held the first joint May Day celebration in South Korea. Some 2,000 workers, including 60 northerners, waved "unification flags" during the May Day rally at the southern industrial city of Changwon.
Source: Channel News Asia

MACAU: Riot police fired into the air in the southern Chinese territory of Macau as a May Day street protest turned violent Tuesday and officers scuffled with demonstrators in rare scenes of civil unrest….The protest started peacefully with demonstrators calling on the government to implement laws to reduce the number of illegal workers flooding into Macau to cash in on a recent casino-led economic boom.
Source: Channel News Asia

There are several other demonstration in few countries such as, USA, Pakistan, German and Turkey. Most of those protestant request better benefit for workers, especially government servant. And better work condition for industrial workers.

But here in Malaysia:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 1 (Bernama) -- The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) wants the government to undertake a salary revision as proposed by the congress and not a salary adjustment which it said it will reject….

Is that boring or what? No riots, no street rally, no gun fire. Instead, government servant minta uncle dalam Cuepacs tolong pujuk Pak Lah untuk naik gaji.

Everybody enjoys the long holiday, balik kampong, shopping, went to the beach and celebrating Wesak festival peacefully.

  1. Adakah majority perkerja di Malaysia puah hati with their welfare?
  2. Malaysian government will never listen to street demonstration?
  3. Malaysian afraid to voice their opinion openly?
  4. Orang Malaysia terlalu bijak dan we have better way to solve problem?

What ever the reason, aku sedikit sedap hati since looking at my previous entry, beside me there are millions of people in this world not satisfied with their current job. Hoorrey…!

Selamat Hari Pekerja

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